[Updated 2 May 2019]

My name is Philip Prophet.

I live in Gothenburg, Sweden.

My nick is monkybrain because although I aspire to this

my mind usually looks like this

I am a programmer by trade and passion.

Currently I'm working for a startup called Bzzt.

We're doing our part in saving the planet by offering taxi services with electric vehicles that look like this:

Bzzt Pod

We have a pretty neat fleet management and booking system that I have written in Erlang/Elixir. And some other services written in Node.js (internal tools) and Python (data science and machine learning).

We have some cool apps (iOS/Android) too that I have contributed to. But I'm not much of a front end developer, as you can see...

For the past three or four years my main passion has been p2p technology that can help tear down those nasty hierarchies and decentralize wealth, power and control over our data.

Hence I'm heavily involved in the crypto/blockchain scene as an organizer of Ethereum Gothenburg, an active member of Decentralized Camp (Stockholm) and a creator/contributor to several open source projects.

Actually, I recently got my first paid gig in crypto working on a project called Frame, an OS-level Ethereum interface, so will be spending a lot of time on that this year. It's a pretty cool project. You should check it out!

You can find me on github, npm, twitter and linkedin.

Imagine after all these years, we're still using this protocol. So am I, of course, at philip.prophet@gmail.com.